Pfeffermühlen / "manipulierter" 3D Druck, PLA, Stahlmahlwerk

Gebrauchsanweisung --->  "Pfeffermühle Dolores Befüllen"


peppermill for single corns

925 sterling silver / gold plated / 2019



one peppercorn (or different ones)
presented on the handle of the mill.
to be looked at, to be touched,
to feed the mill, to grind.
to see how much one grinded corn is.
to taste

Version 925 Sterling Silber, vergoldet

interieur 1

trans it

bar elevator during schlafende hunde festival, kunsthaus nueremberg 2019

i don´t know who you are but i like you

phoptography / functional objects: stainless steel, welded / 2018

Café Heißluft

temporary catering / various locations

Café Heißluft was developed in 2011 as a temporary exhibition restaurant in a former heat and power station in Nuremberg’s Nordostpark industrial district.
The main idea was to re-introduce heat and noise into the industrial monument, while providing exhibition visitors with new energy. Guests are served raw food on skewers, which they grill themselves with heat guns.

How the food reacts can thus be seen at first hand, in a space of time that is as short as it takes
puff pastry to rise, protein structures to burst or for a Maillard reaction, resulting first in a sensuous - and then a taste experience.

photographed by Kai Schmitzer

peppermill for at least 3 persons

interieur 2

PLA /  Copper / 2mx0,6m

photographed by Lena Engel


saltmill (also for spices or pepper) / 95% recycled paper, poplar wood, ceramic grinder

Usually you only resort to paper plates when there is no "real" tableware at hand. Afterwards you dispose of them. Unlike paper plates, paper mills are meant to be used for a long time; they may show traces of usage, such as oily fingerprints or crayon marks, thus enhancing their beauty.

Pappelapapp 120,00 € / Keramikmahlwerk oder Stahlmahlwerk


(hummingbird) - peppermills / lacquered brass, ceramic grinder

These peppermills are so long that they prompt the user to give rather than take pepper.
In private settings, this encourages communication at the table.

In commercial contexts, these mills satisfy commercial requirements and are surprisingly accurate.

photographed by Matthias Böhler